I felt pretty good riding the entry-level motorcycle in my class but do not feel I am ready to ride a larger bike yet… What do I do now?

Our Solution

Practice your newly acquired riding skills on a motorcycle like the one you rode in your class. Build up your confidence and skills while riding an appropriately sized motorcycle for a new rider. When you are ready to purchase the motorcycle of your dreams we will come and pick up the practice bike with no further obligation to you.

The fee is only $5.75/day.

We will deliver the Honda Rebel 300 to your driveway.

Over the next 9 months, you can practice riding at a pace that is comfortable for you with the goal of mastering the skill of riding so you are ready for the bike of your dreams.

You decide whether you want to keep the motorcycle or sell it back to us for a predetermined price and we will pick it up and you will have no further obligation.


Why Our Bridgebike Short-Term Rideshare Program Makes Sense...

  • Bridge Bike motorcycles are considered to be entry-level bikes that make it easier for you to practice your skills.

  • You won't have to go through the hassle of selling the bike when you are ready to move onto a larger motorcycle.

  • The motorcycle can be delivered right to your driveway so you do not have to worry about renting a trailer or asking an FWAT (friend with a truck).

What Our Customers Say

I dreamt of riding a Harley Davidson Fatboy since I was a kid and finally bought one when I turned 50. I felt that I knew how to ride after taking the class but didn’t feel confident about the Fatboy which was bigger than I expected. I used a BRIDGEBIKE for a couple of months and now I ride my Harley with no problem at all.

Dave Deluca

I made it through the learn to ride class and was excited to start riding a motorcycle. When I looked for an entry-level motorcycle I only found old ones on Craigslist or new bikes at the dealers that had MSRP’s and fees that were $5000+ and I was afraid I was going to drop it. BRIDGEBIKE dropped off a great Honda Rebel and practiced with it until I was ready to buy a new bike. I ride my Suzuki C50 with confidence and NO fear of dropping it.

Lucy Fuller

I inherited a 2003 BMW R1100. The class taught me the mechanics of riding and although I felt fine going around my neighborhood and some back roads, I wasn’t ready to ride anywhere else on it. I practiced on the (small) BRIDGEBIKE for the summer and gained the confidence and skills that I needed to ride the BMW on any road.

TJ Green


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