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It's easy, practical and is the perfect next step towards riding.

You purchase a Bridge-Bike from our available inventory $3650.

We will deliver the motorcycle to your driveway.

Over the next 9 months, you can practice riding at a pace that is comfortable for you with the goal of mastering the skills so you ride the bike of your dreams with confidence.


Anytime within the 9 months, you can decide to keep the motorcycle or sell it back to us for a predetermined amount of $2100 and we will pick up the motorcycle and you will have no further obligation.


  • You must have passed the MSF Basic Rider Course

  • You must have a motorcycle license

  • You must be a good person

  • Payment in full is due upon delivery (bank check, Venmo, or cash is accepted). 

It's time to get pre-approved! 

Upon your approval, we will prepare the paperwork so you are able to register the motorcycle and have your motorcycle delivered directly to your driveway (deliveries must be within 50 miles from Boston, MA)! To get started, complete the initial form below with your updated contact information. 

Did you pass the MSF Basic Rider Course (BRC) and get your motorcycle license?

Thanks for submitting!

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