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  • Why not buy an entry level motorcycle the old fashion way vs. BridgeBike?
    If you plan on owning the motorcycle you purchase for a long time it absolutely makes sense to purchase and finance the motorcycle. However, most people who start riding on an entry level motorcycle grow out of it and are ready to ride the bike of their dreams in just a matter of a few weeks. When you start off riding a small motorcycle you will most likely develop the skills that will enable you to confidently move up to the bike of your dreams in a matter of weeks. That is why you don't often hear "I have been riding a 250cc bike for years". BridgeBike allows you to quickly and easily transition from the small bike to your next motorcycle. By having a BridgeBike instead of purchasing and then selling the motorcycle the old fashion way, you eliminate the hassle of finding a buyer.
  • Is this a lease or a rental?
    It is not a lease nor rental. You will own the motorcycle.
  • How do the payments work?
    The purchase price is $3650. We will deliver the motorcycle to your driveway. You will have 9 months to decide whether you would like to keep the motorcycle or have us come and pick it up with no further obligations. If you decide to return the motorcycle to us we will pay you $2100. That means you had a practice bike for just $5.75/day
  • Does the motorcycle have a warrantee?
    Yes. There is a Honda factory warranty through November 2020.
  • Where do I pick up and drop off the motorcycle?
    We will deliver the bike to your driveway and pick it up when the rideshare program is over.
  • What if I want to sell the BridgeBike earlier or to someone else?
    No problem at all! You can sell it to anyone you would like to at anytime, or you can sell it back to us anytime within the first 9 months.
  • What motorcycle will I be purchasing?
    Our Bridge-Bike inventory varies throughout the year. Currently we available: Brand New 2017 Honda Rebel CMX300 (incl Honda warrantee until 11/2020)
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